Who We Are

Getting an early start on a big job.

Getting an early start on a big job.

Performance Contracting is the measured performance of all systems within a house or structure. The systems can include: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, insulation, building components (drywall, framing, etc.), and occupants behavioral patterns (do you leave the lights on?). All of these systems impact the structure’s comfort, efficiency, durability and air quality. Our team has specialized training to analyze all of these systems. We bring more than 35 years of HVAC experience to the table.

We promote and maintain an atmosphere of integrity, honesty, professionalism and cleanliness. Our trucks are well-maintained, fully stocked, and marked for easy recognition. Our uniformed technicians are polite and punctual. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured; and our motto is “No Problems, Only Solutions”.

Our philosophy is to offer a solution for every client, by creating a culture of consumer education, employee training and experience.
We strive to have relationships, not just customers.

“I have terrible allergies and an interest in energy efficiency. The system they provided me handled both of my issues with flying colors. My allergy attacks waned and my energy bills dropped. The Head of the business, John Ellis, is a testament to customer service. He maintained a sharp eye on the project from start to finish. He walked us through the entire process from start to finish and assuaged any concerns we might have had. He guaranteed his work too. As I started to notice a small drip coming from the unit (condensed air) he came out promptly to fix it. I will always give my HVAC business to John and highly recommend his work to any who are looking to improve the air quality in their home.”
Jason H., Manhattan Beach, CA

“We are so grateful to So Cal Air Dynamics for making our pilot project a reality with other collaborators! Thank you very much for your dedication to healthier schools, communities and homes!”
Advocates 4 Clean Air: El Marino