Heating & Air Conditioning

The bulk of our residential customers are everyday homeowners who suddenly find themselves too hot or too cold, and realize something is definitely wrong with their equipment.

Our commercial clients typically are offices or retail environments. When something goes wrong with the equipment: employees are unhappy, productivity goes down, and customers may be lost.

Under Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer:
♦ Service & Repair
♦ Design & Installation
♦ Maintenance

We service all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Because we test to determine the true cause of the problem,
we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry. We are not just another “parts-changing” company. We offer prompt, reliable and honest service. And we take great pride in training and certifying our technicians.

Anybody can install equipment, but here at So Cal Air Dynamics we put a lot of emphasis into the design phase of the project. Whether its a simple equipment change out, new ducting, system redesign, or a start-from-scratch project, we have a solution for every project. We install all major brands of equipment. We work with any budget, and financing is available upon request.

Maintenance is a key component. If equipment is not properly maintained: system performance goes down; energy usage goes up; the life expectancy of the equipment goes down; and most importantly, health and safety is compromised. We offer a wide variety of maintenance packages, for both residential and commercial clients: quarterly, biannual, and annual visits. Each maintenance package is tailored to your specific needs.