These before and after photos are an example of our Infrared Imaging Test. Infrared can help pinpoint air or heat leaks in your building.

These before and after photos are an example of our Infrared Imaging Test. The Infrared Camera can pinpoint temperature changes and help determine where air or heat is leaking in your building.


So Cal Air Dynamics is certified in both residential and commercial testing, and has the latest in testing equipment.

Home Energy Rating System
We work with contractors as third-party verification for Title 24 compliance. We offer a turn-key service for residential equipment change-out, and system reducting. This service is required by the Department of Building & Safety for permitted jobs. As your HERS Rater, we are there representing your company with integrity and professionalism.
This service consists of:
♦ Duct Testing
♦ Refrigerant Charge
♦ Air Flow
♦ CF-6R Documentation
♦ CF-4R Documentation

A job requiring air balancing is typically for commercial use, and is also a third-party verification requirement for the Department of Building & Safety, and for mechanical engineers in both remodels and new construction. Often commercial kitchen exhaust hoods require a certified air-balance report. Air balancing can also be used as a tool for airflow diagnostics. We are certified in commercial air and water balancing. Our reports are comprehensive yet easy to read.

Indoor Air Quality Testing is a team approach. Our partner Gene Sperling, at www.breathe-rite.com, conducts indepth environmental testing, which includes mold, chemicals, and VOC’s (Voltolic Organic Compounds).
This service consists of:
♦ Blower Door Test
♦ Particle Scan
♦ Duct Testing
♦ Infrared Imaging
♦ Moisture Management

System Performance Testing is a highly specialized procedure. Through a series of tests, we are able to determine a system’s delivered capacity. This allows us to establish a starting point on actual BTU (British Thermal Unit) delivery into conditioned space. Without this type of testing, we have no way of knowing where to start, or where we need to go. Once this procedure is completed, we can offer an accurate view of what it takes for optimum performance.
This service measures:
♦ Static Pressure
♦ Wet Bulb Readings
♦ Dry Bulb Readings
♦ Air Flow
♦ Temperature Change
♦ Enthalpy Change
♦ Refrigerant Cycle