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Pics looklng pics Then i am waiting for you. Im a pleaser m4w AA male looking for a Good looking and hot to please in any way she desires And then waking up and leaving before i can even rouse myself to walk you to your car let alone make you breakfast (god forbid)-3 years of this. No men.

Age: 44
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Am Looking Nsa
City: Memphis, TN
Hair:Blond naturally
Relation Type: Mature Ebony Wanting Mexican Pussy

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You can do something about it. Wanna know the difference between a good looking guy and an average looking guy when approaching God women?

So do good looks for men help you in terms of conversation? Maybe a smidge in the beginning. And survival and replication are the major motivators of female attraction according to looiing.

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The reason for that is purely biological. Notice something?

Those attributes and characteristics are not something Good looking and hot on looks or age. Girls are much more conscious of how people respond to you sociallywhat resources you can provide to her future children, and what lifestyle you can bring her into. Well, show social cues of confidence.

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Be relaxed. Convey yourself with a dominant ease. Use your words in an attractive manner.

Be a leader. Show interest, but also show disinterest. This is essentially game.

Have good game. Learn how to flirt from a high value frame. Look, appearance does matter.

For Good looking and hot, you can have the bad-ass look, or the successful guy look, or the artistic guy look. Again, when it comes to approaching hot girls, the difference between a super good looking guy and an average looking guy is just 30 seconds.

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Remember this: Are you just an average looking guy? Maybe even a little on the short side. Most of society is baffled when they see average dudes with hot girls.

Let me explain: The answer is 30 seconds. Looks vs. Are your looks going to help you hunt down antelope in the savannas of Africa?


Will your looks help Good looking and hot pay the bills on time and put food on the table? In the grand scheme of survival, looks matter zero percent.

See as guys, we are very visual with what we perceive as attractive.

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What matters annd lot more are resources, social standing, and general health. What does that even mean though?

Other things you can do to show Good looking and hot value: Ideally, have friends around you that reflect well of you. Learn how to flirt from a high value frame All of these cues are going to matter to the girl way more than appearance.

So yes, if you have a perfect jawline and six pack abs, then, by all means, advertise that! But what matters more than those set-in-stone features is your LOOK. Style, fashion and fitness go a long way.

See video below for why this is the case. The answer is exactly the same way as if you were a good looking guy.

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